Car Battery Charger 12V 8Amp /24V 4Amp with LCD Display Lead Acid Smart Automatic



  • The 12V 8A and 24V 4A car chargers exhibit exceptional performance, boasting a charging speed that is 30% faster compared to 8A or 5A chargers. They are suitable for charging or repairing all 12V and 24V lead-acid automotive, marine, and deep cycle batteries, including AGM, GEL, SLA, and flooded batteries found in cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, boats, and more.
  • ​​ These chargers automatically identify battery sulfation and acidification stratification, incorporating the latest pulse repair function. This function restores lost battery power, resulting in a more robust motor start and an extended battery life. Please note that activating or charging a fully discharged battery is not possible.
  • ​​ Designed for 12V/24V lead-acid batteries (AGM, GEL, SLA, VRLA) ranging from 6Ah to 150Ah, this car charger can efficiently charge a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and boats. It is important to highlight that charging lithium batteries is strictly prohibited.
  • ​​ The charger is equipped with built-in safeguards, including reverse polarity, sparks, overcharge, overcurrent, interruption, short circuit, and overheating protection. This comprehensive safety feature set ensures worry-free, long-term care and charging, alleviating concerns about potential security issues.
  • ​​ Featuring a large LCD display, the charger provides real-time information on charge and battery status, including charging voltage and current, indoor temperature, charging percentage, summer mode, winter mode, and more. Please note that the car battery charger’s screen comes with a protective film, which should be removed to reveal a brand-new screen.


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